What sort of goods does Fn Link Technology Ltd provide?

A top-tier national designer and manufacturer of wireless communications systems, Fn Link Technology was established in 2015. The corporation is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and its first-rate items are offered in its native nation, Europe, and the United States. It has a daily manufacturing capacity of 400,000 pieces, 15 product test lines, and over 100 technology patents and software copyrights.

The company takes great pride in having Huawei, Haier, Hisense, Hikvision, and Xiaomi as clients. The core R&D team at our firm has more than ten years of senior radio frequency expertise in wireless communication, and their great independent R&D skills have given the company’s scientific and technological advancement a significant boost.

Collaboration of Fn Link Technology Ltd

The business and Huazhong University of Science and Technology, which is active in the Internet of Things industry, signed a collaborative development and cooperation agreement based on the benefits of innovation and scientific research (IoT). The PLC industrial lighting connectivity specification, PLC whole house interconnection specification, and panel local voice control specification are all being written by Fn link Technology Ltd, one of the drafting units. 

In addition to owning nearly 100 patents, software copyrights, and independent intellectual property rights for all of its products, the company is accumulating a wealth of technical accomplishments. These patents cover a range of application areas, including system design, software and hardware acquisition and transmission, and smart terminals.

What sort of goods does Fn Link Technology Ltd provide?

The producer creates goods for the markets of the Internet of Things (IoT), consumer electronics, medical care, white goods, smart homes, networking, motor control, communications, industrial, consumer electronics, and automotive.

2.4G/5G Wi-Fi BT modules, radiofrequency (RF)/microwave antennas, Wi-Fi jungles, AIoT equipment, ultra-wideband (UWB), millimeter-wave, and sub-1G devices, as well as IoT-enabled programmable logic controllers, are all part of its cutting-edge product line (PLCs).

Which Fn link Technology Ltd products stand out as examples?

The 6161B-R loT module is a prime example of the cutting-edge design aesthetic that permeates Fn-complete Link’s line.

The component supports basic and enhanced data rates for all packet types and the Bluetooth 5.0 standard. The device supports numerous low-energy states, secure and easy pairing, and HS-UART compliance with Bluetooth’s programmable baud rate. However, It has a frequency spectrum of 2402MHz to 2480MHz and provides 40 BLE channels in addition to 79 BDR+EDR channels.

The operating temperature range for the 6161B-R loT Module is also 0°C to 75°C. It can therefore be used in a vast array of projects that use Bluetooth controllers.

FG6221EUUC-00 telecom circuit is just another of the company’s best products. Our firm is transforming from all angles and along the whole supply chain with a focus on business digital development. 

Establish a new digital industrial chain, accelerate management upgrades, and raise operational standards as you become aware of the connections between upstream and downstream industries, digital collaboration, and value creation by businesses that have undergone digital transformation. However, at the present, ERP, PLM, MES, SCM, CRM, and OA have all achieved complete process information management


Fn Link Technology Ltd provides the best system for wireless communications in the USA. 

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