Using the Comcast Business App to make a payment

The two main operations of Comcast Corporation, a multinational media and technology conglomerate, are Comcast Cable and NBCUniversal. Under the XFINITY brand, Comcast Cable is one of the biggest providers of video, high-speed Internet, and phone services to residential customers in the United States. These services to businesses also offer by the company. Comcast Business App

Payment methods 

With your Comcast Business account, do you need to make a one-time online payment? Take these actions.

  • Paying a debt
  • In My Account, you can make a bill payment.
  • Choose to Pay the current balance or Pay another amount under Payment Details. Next, choose the payment date.
  • If you have a payment method saved, you can arrange the payment up to 60 days in advance.
  • The first clickable option is Pay Current Balance, which has a circle on the left that you may check on or off. A box parallel to it on the right side lets you enter the amount you wish to pay. Pay another amount is listed below it.
  • Use a previously saved payment method or add a new one to choose your payment method. A stored payment method will be auto-selected. 
  • After completing these steps, click Proceed. After checking your payment, choose to Submit Payment.
  • If you pay a portion of the balance due, the remaining balance will show up when you log in the following time; however, you can still use My Account after making the payment.
  • On the payment confirmation screen, there are options to enroll in Paperless Billing and set up Automatic Payments.
  • Configure Autopay
  • To cut down on time. To set up automatic monthly payments, log onto My Account.

Choose a payment option.

Terms and Conditions are accepted. By descending to the Common Solutions section, you can also controlAutoPay. Spend money without signing up (Quick Pay) To pay a single bill without logging into My Account, use Fast Pay.

To authenticate your account, enter your account number and an extra account detail (such as your phone number or ZIP code), then click Proceed. The user authentication options for Quick Pay are displayed in this graphic.

Select your payment method and the amount you want to pay.

Enter the necessary payment details, then click Proceed. Choose to Submit Payment after checking your payment. You’ll get a message confirming that your amount has been paid. 

Quick Pay exclusions

Quick Pay is not compatible with all accounts. Please sign in to My Account to pay your bill if you cannot access Quick Pay. You cannot utilize Quick Pay if you use Comcast Business Mobile. Pay your bill here, please. There will be a fee if you contact Comcast Business to have a live agent process your payment. Before phoning, consider logging into My Account to pay your bill. 

Change or stop a scheduled payment Visit Planned Payments in the Bill Summary area if you need to change a scheduled payment before the due date. To make adjustments or to cancel a payment, click Edit and then take the necessary actions.

The Scheduled Payments area is at the bottom of the Bill Summary screen. Cancel Payment is located at the bottom right, while Edit is located directly to its left.

Using the Comcast Business App to make a payment.

You may pay your account while on the move by using the Comcast Business App. You may examine your bill and make an in-app payment on the Billing Information tab. Direct bill payment options are also available from the Account Overview.


Don’t worry about paying your Comcast bills. The procedure of paying your bill has never been easy. With Quick Pay, you can even avoid signing in, pay your final bill after terminating your account, or make a payment on someone else’s behalf.

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