How to Begin Your Crystal Healing Journey

Crystals have been used for healing for thousands of years and have been gaining popularity in modern society through their “cool girl” factor and positive effects on the human body. Plus, it’s really pretty and sparkly!

Want to learn more about crystal healing and how you can begin your love affair with crystals? Check out this simple guide to getting started. Read on!

What Crystal Healing Is

To begin your healing crystals journey, it’s important to have an understanding of what crystal healing is and how it works. It’s a holistic approach to physical and emotional healing using the power of natural crystals, stones, and minerals.

It can be used to promote physical healing or to balance your chakras and aura, a type of energy field which surrounds the body and contains information about our thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Identify Your Intention

The first step in beginning your crystal healing journey is to identify your intention for working with crystals. This is important so that you can focus your energy on specific healing goals or desired outcomes.

It can be helpful to visualize what you want the outcome of your crystal journey to be, such as coming to terms with pain or a situation, releasing toxicity, or feeling empowered.

Seek Out Resources and Relationships

Start by seeking out resources and relationships to help you get started. Research the different types of crystals and their properties and what each one can do for you. Connect with healers, teachers, and those with knowledge and experience.

Connect with people in person or online that can share their experiences, ideas, and wisdom. Make sure you do your own research and use reputable sources of information.

Know How to Find Quality Crystals

Beginning your crystal healing journey can be a fun and exciting adventure, but it’s important to ensure you’re using quality crystals. Find reputable crystal sellers that are known for their high-quality healing stones.

Find quality stones like the red tiger’s eye, which can provide protection against the Evil Eye and energizes the wearer with courage, strength, and enthusiasm. It’s known to attract good luck and wealth. Click here to know more about red tigers eye and get yours today!

Then, after purchasing crystals, make sure you cleanse them with either white sage, clear quartz, or running water, this is to clear the crystals of any existing energy that has been acquired.

When you can, place your crystals outside in direct sunlight or overnight in a full moon to further clear and purify them. After cleansing, program your crystals with your intentions.

Establish a Meditation and Self-Care Routine

To establish a meditation and self-care routine, you first need to find a quiet place to meditate and focus on your breath. You can also try adding a few candles or your favorite essential oils to create a stress-free environment.

Once you’re done, you can begin incorporating crystals into your meditation. Choose a crystal based on the energy you want to receive.

Before you start your meditation, hold the crystal close to you, visualize a beam of light coming from the crystal, and set your intentions. 

Learn More About Crystal Healing Right Now

Your crystal healing journey can be a fulfilling, restorative experience. The more you explore the healing power of crystals, the more profound your connection to their energy will be.

Explore and pick out the perfect crystals for you, and focus on understanding the meaning and power of these amazing stones. Nurture your inner self and begin your crystal healing journey today!

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