As you know that winter is here, and the temperatures are dropping rapidly, people are starting to turn the heat on in their houses because they can’t afford broken furnaces when it’s freezing outside. What do you do when your furnace doesn’t work or breaks? You must get your furnace checked before winter so that when winter comes, you may utilize it as you want. If you haven’t tuned up the furnace entirely, it might be a problem for you in winter because you won’t get the heat you want. Imagine you are sitting in your home, and it’s frosting outside. You want to make your home feel cozy by turning on the heating system, but it won’t heat up when you do. Your furnace is not working! What would you do? Perfection Contracting LLC, HVAC London, Ohio, recommends checking your furnace annually to eliminate any issues, especially those 3 to 5 years of age. Before you call a furnace company, it is suggested that you must do a few things on your own and check a few items before getting your furnace repaired. The things that must be reviewed and resolved by homeowners are mentioned below. Let’s go through them without any further delay. 

Items To Check Before Calling HVAC London, Ohio

Item#1: Check the Thermostat

Before calling furnace repair London, you must check a few things in your furnace. Ensure that your system is set to heat instead of cooling. You may also check the furnace’s settings and ensure it has the desired temperature. Finally, the important thing you must check is if the thermostat is activating your furnace or not. See what the temperature is and turn it down a bit. After that, turn it back to 5 degrees, at least above the current temperature. Now listen carefully to the furnace and see if it has activated. 

Item#2: Check the furnace’s power

The furnace requires electricity to work, whether it is a natural gas furnace or not. Ensure that you have set the switch to on. Before checking the furnace, you must also check that the circuit breaker is on. There might be a possibility that your furnace is working fine, but the circuit breaker is off. Checking these few things is extremely important. They may sound simple, but they are the most occurring issues. If you have turned the circuit on, but it switches off again right after turning the furnace on, you must contact the service technician and get the circuit checked. 

Item#3: Filter Change

If your furnace is not working, check carefully and see if it is clogged because of dirt and debris. When the air filter clogs, fresh air cannot get into the furnace, and the airflow also blocks. The filter must be changed instantly if it becomes dirty and clogged. Many people ask how they would know if the filter is clogged. To check this, you can hold it in the light and try to see through the filter. If it is fine, you’ll see through it, but if it is clogged, you wouldn’t be able to see past it. Furnace installation and repair experts recommend changing the filter every two months to keep it working fine. 

Item#4: Pilot Light

If you have a gas furnace in your house, you must have noticed that it contains a small pilot light behind the plate or door. Check that the pilot light must be lit because it gives an ignition source to your furnace. If it is not on, try to light it up with a long match stick or grill ignitor. If you do not know about lighting it up, contact HVAC London, Ohio and follow their light guidance. 

Item#5: Blower Motor

When you stand near the furnace and carefully hear the furnace activate, you must listen to the blower motor. Warm air will also be coming out of the air vents. If the light ignites, but the warm air is not coming out, or the blower motor doesn’t start, something is wrong with the motor that needs to be fixed. 

Call Heat Pump Services Experts

Winters in London, Ohio, can be brutal, and you’ll require your furnace day and night to get your house cozy and warm. If you ever feel that there is some issue with your furnace, you must try all the steps given above and sort the problem out. These tips will save you from calling furnace installation and repair experts. If you still don’t understand any of these steps, you can contact HVAC London, Ohio and let their experts know about your problem. They are certified technicians trained for furnace repair services and guide you through the issues. They have been giving their services for many years. If you also need to tune up and repair your furnace, don’t delay giving them a call. 

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