When they think of Dubai, most people envision the city’s towering skyline and bustling streets. But another side to this desert metropolis worth exploring is its vast and beautiful deserts. A Dubai desert safari is the perfect way to experience all the Arabian Desert offers, from stunning dunes to astounding wildlife. Here are a few insider tips to help you make the most of your safari adventure.

Choose the reputable desert safari Dubai tour company and the right time of year:

As some of the world’s most spectacular deserts lie in and around Dubai, touring them as part of a Belly Dance Desert safari is a rewarding experience. However, choosing a reputable tour company for your expedition is important. 

It’s best to select one with expert tour guides and knowledgeable staff that can provide valuable insight and information about the sites you visit.

In addition, when selecting the right time of year to visit Dubai, it pays to be aware that temperatures can soar during summer, much hotter than you might expect.

Go for a private desert safari Dubai tour:

Experience the true beauty of the Arabian Desert with a private desert safari Dubai tour! Spend the day exploring dunes and deep-seated valleys and getting to know flora and fauna up close. Enjoy magnificent views and breathtaking sceneries in quiet solitude as you traverse through habitats that were once the hunting and camping grounds of Bedouins from long ago. 

Take great photo opportunities along with some light activities, such as sand boarding and camel riding, or try to spot some rare desert wildlife. A private desert safari Dubai tour will surely be an unforgettable experience that will stay with you forever.

Don’t miss out on the traditional Arabic hospitality:

Exploring the beauty of the Dubai desert can be an experience like none other with a desert safari tour. It is even more rewarding to experience the traditional Arabic hospitality it offers. As part of this tour, you can access traditional dining, dresses, rides, and entertainment. 

Sometimes, accommodation is also provided in typical Arabian tents with sleeping equipment at the campsite. It’s a great way to get a flavor of local life and take back amazing memories from your trip. 

Take advantage of the stunning desert sunset:

Exploring Dubai’s incredible desert scape is a thrilling and unique experience, and one of its most rewarding features is the magical sunsets. Make sure you take advantage of this special moment and join an evening desert safari tour. Watch as the sky turns shades of gold, orange, and violet while basking in the tranquility of the wilderness. 

Taking part in a desert safari tour with friends or family is an excellent way to make beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you enjoy dune bashing, barbecuing on golden dunes, or camel riding, there is something for everyone on these exciting day trips from Dubai.

Consider an overnight safari:

An overnight safari for desert safari Dubai tour is the perfect way to explore the captivating landscape of the Arabian Desert. Experience the beauty and wonders of nature with a luxurious camping trip away from the city’s bright lights. 

Witness magnificent sunsets and star-filled night skies while feeling close to the wilderness, offering you a unique connection with this region. Wake up to striking views and be enchanted by the desert’s stunning scenery, all while having access to comfortable amenities, enabling you to have an unparalleled experience without giving up modern comforts. 

An overnight safari provides an unforgettable opportunity to truly experience one of Arabia’s most iconic sights in a special way that cannot be done anywhere else in the world.

Haggle for souvenirs at the souk:

Dubai’s desert safari tours offer visitors one-of-a-kind experiences, especially exploring a souk full of souvenirs and trinkets. For those looking for a more authentic and unique experience, there’s nothing quite like haggling for souvenirs at the souk while on an educational journey through the history and culture of the Middle East. 

Here, shoppers can participate in an age-old tradition, trading goods, either verbal back-and-froths or physical currency, from stall to stall, searching for a great find to bring home as a memory of their journey.

Respect local customs and traditions:

A desert safari Dubai tour is an experience like no other, taking visitors deep into the vast Arabian Desert. While exploring this unique terrain, it’s important to take time to appreciate and respect the local culture and customs that are celebrated in the region. 

From observing traditional dances, tastes, and scents, to learning about religious practices, experiencing the local traditions while on a desert safari Dubai tour only enhances the journey. Taking part in guided tours helps travelers stay mindful of cultural etiquette, so they can enjoy the journey and remain respectful of another culture’s history and beliefs.

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