Nail Designs for Formal Going:

Who doesn’t want to look adorable? Hey Girls! Are you the one? If we talk about beauty and fashion then it is an obvious thing that nail design is at the top of the list these days. If we talk about our daily routine, then our hands are the part that we use the most, even when we are in school, college, office, or giving any presentation. Hands are the most frequently used part. And plays a very significant role, as when we communicate with someone then he/she frequently notices our gestures in which hands are the first. 

So, Don’t you want to make your most used body organ up-to-date? As girls are very conscious about their beauty, we have brought a remedy for them to look perfect and fascinating. So, Are you ready girls? Kindly stick to our editorial as we are going to share a very special piece of art with you, that is, Nail Art. 

We know that most of you (Especially girls) go outside for your work. So, they also want to look astonishing. But trying different trends daily is a little bit of a tough task. So, don’t worry girls! As we are going to resolve your issue. 

So, without any further delay, let’s start!

Nail Designs according to your Daily Routine: 


“Designing or decorating your nails 

to give them a unique look is termed as Nail Art”.

Marble Nail Paint:

If going outside is a part of your daily routine, then you can wear marble nail paint. As you are going to a formal place. So, you don’t need to put this paint on all your fingers. Wearing this paint on one nail is enough for you, as you are going to a formal place. On the remaining fingers, you can apply nude or light-shade paint. 

Apply Black Nail Paint:

Applying black nail paint on all the fingers is a little bit intimidating, so you have to do it, you can choose any of your two fingers on which you have to put this black nail paint on your french nail tip. This will be very fascinating.

Leaf nails:

This is best for those girls, who like to apply lots of colour to their nails. So, the best method for those girls is leaf nail design. As applying lots of colour at the same time, it may be annoying. So, try leaf nail designs. Keeping it stylish but simple, this can be done with some mute matte-based colours on which you just have to give a shape of leaf design.

Colourful nails:

Another remedy for those ladies who like to apply colorful nails. They can apply candy shades on each finger like: 

  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Light green
  • Light blue
  • Purple

These candy shades will give your personality an elevated look. So, try this without any hesitation.

Styling with the Red line: 

Another best way to look presentable is that you can apply any nude or light shade paint. To look stylish, you can add a thin red line to that paint. This will add charm to your beauty. 


Hey, Girls! Here, we have a tip for you: if you are formal going, then always use light shade paints and avoid dark colors. This is a very simple but stylish way to go to a formal place.

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