The largest network of primary care specialists in Oklahoma is called the Patient Care Network Of Oklahoma which was established in 2014 for forming a group Healthcare patient network. It was started to give high inspection to the Healthcare center of Oklahoma and give the easy supply exchange among the healthcare patients of Oklahoma. Oklahoma was founded in 2014 in the United States with the purpose to give the best and improved healthcare facilities to all patients through progressive healthcare procedures with better team cooperation.

All the integration and resolution for organizations get concluded at the headquarter which is present in the USA. The headquarter of the PCNOK was set up in 2015 and brought out all the instructions for maintaining the health care center in Oklahoma for clinics and hospitals.

The main purpose of the PCNOK was for the people of Oklahoma to enhance the Healthcare system, give greater healthcare treatment, and refine the healthcare center and clinics in Oklahoma.

PCNOK Leadership

PCNOK leadership is examined to build, the welfare of the people of Oklahoma and its Health Care Centres and clinics by giving medical care, fitness center, and comfort also dealing with some social dilemmas which might people experience and conducting general combination from different networks of partnerships to improve the state’s effect.

This comprehensive care program includes treatment for all stages of life, from antenatal to octogenarian. PCNOK attempts to attain three key objectives for the improvement of health care:

  1. More thorough treatment
  2. More healthy people
  3. Spending more wisely

On the behalf of society, PCNOK’s main goal and ethics principle are that healthcare should be economical, prime, and easily attainable. It generates requited prescribed interests to do this. For example, it acquires them in bulk for the organization’s superiority. It greatly focuses on doctors, hospitals, and clinics.

The main focus of PCNOK

Of course, PCNOK is accountable for making the data for Mediation, care coordination, and the whole investigative program. PCNOK must attach finish more model kinds to be qualified, and the foundation association must also hold different prize types.

  • Approach to everyone patient

 protected by Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, and Self-care are all arranged by PCNOK members. Besides it, they are well informed of the restrictions of cash-paying patients conforming to a 200% destitution. Once the ability and payment of the patient are proven, one may take superiority of this deal.

The Oklahoma Patient Care Network’s members get patients with self-pay, Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance. Moreover, discounts are accessible for cash-pay patients who are below the privation line by 200% with proper documentation.

  • International facilities

PCNOK offers encouragement to an array of people. Moreover, this network in Oklahoma aids citizens from contrasting areas. The care model includes these people. Overall, this network has a remarkable influence on people.

The technology detects the patient’s health status constantly. This aids the patients in remaining safe and healthy during treatment. The technology rescues the lives of patients by controlling their health conditions independently in life-threatening conditions. It encourages proper treatment and adheres to it to hold patients’ lifestyles.

  • Precaution and Primary care

PCNOK members set up 125 urban and rural healthcare delivery sites, most of which are Patient-Centered Medical Homes that give dental, vision, medical, mental health, and string care, as well as indicative testing, nutrition, and pharmacy with referral to outside specialty care as required. PCNOK is Oklahoma’s largest network of primary care sources.

  • Good management

They help the people as they can, this network of Oklahoma draws on the social factor of welfare, the united energy of all internal communities, and the concepts of resolution. Additionally, this Oklahoma network helps individuals from different regions. These individuals are part of the care model. This network has a remarkable effect on the population chiefly.

  • Innovation and solutions

Health coaches, care teams, and mental health are just some of the sectors that have been integrated into the central care field by PCNOK members as part of their partnership to grow innovation and then improve it for care delivery. Overall, they favor progress in the different angles of healthcare.

Members of PCNOK cooperate to advance innovations in care delivery, such as the incorporation of telehealth, mental health, care teams, and health coaches into the areas of central care.

What are the Benefits of Using PCNOK?

Patients can use its services to:

  1. Locate a healthcare professional. It gives a searchable database of Oklahoma’s healthcare providers. Patients can restrict their search results by location, specialty, or service type.
  2. Inspect the well-being of a loved one. They give patients and their families with attaining to health information. However, This includes medical records, test results, and additional data.
  3. Learn about the health resources in your community, which give access to information and resources on topics such as exercise and healthy eating.
  1. PCNOK helps in decreasing the gap between patients and doctors. It helps to overcome the demand for emergency rooms and the burden that the area bears.
  2. Patients’ families and carers can depend on the network’s daily monitoring, which certifies that health experts are well-informed of what is occurring with them and can intercede promptly if compulsory.

Cons of PCNOK

  • PCNOK has a very low market share across the board in its sector.
  • The employee revenue at PCNOK is lower than the industry average when it comes to employee revenue.
  • The revenue growth of PCNOK is much lower than the industry average wholly.
  • An organization’s employment base will slowly extend if there are fewer workers there.
  • PCNOK’s sales growth variance is more than the industry mean.


PCNOK is a network devoted to upgrading Oklahoma’s healthcare through innovative and digital techniques. They want to bestow patients the considerable medical care possible, whether at home or in hospitals or clinics. however, PCNOK works to boost the three goals of healthcare improvement in the direction of improved care. This network upgrades mutually beneficial contracting and prudent spending.