Everyone has heard the joke about how it’s not the size, yet penis size is of concern to more than one man. Even if you’re the average size of a little over 5 inches, the average isn’t usually what people aspire to.

Of course, remedying the problem isn’t a simple matter. You are dealing with biology, which is a pretty fixed matter in most cases.

That doesn’t mean penis enlargement is entirely out of the question. A quick search for penis surgery near me will tell you that much.

If you’re wondering about how to make your penis bigger, keep reading for our penis enlargement guide.


One of the oldest methods for penis enlargement is the traction method. In essence, you use a device that pulls on the penis. Then, you leave the device in place for several hours a day.

The long-term goal, of course, is that you’ll stretch the tissue of the penis. If this works, you end up with a longer penis.

While this approach can show results, it’s not a quick fix for the problem. You may wait for months before you see any meaningful changes.

Girth Enlargement

Of course, length isn’t the only consideration. Girth also matters.

A penis with good girth helps to stimulate the vaginal walls. You can’t achieve that with a long but narrow penis.

There isn’t much you can do at home about girth, but several surgical procedures add some girth.

One procedure removes fat cells from one part of your body, such as your stomach, and injects those cells into the penis. Another option is injection with a cosmetic filler. There is also a procedure that implants a layer of silicone beneath the skin of your penis.

Each of these procedures can potentially boost your overall girth.

Head Enlargement

One of the pitfalls of a girth enhancement surgical procedure is that it can make your penis look unbalanced. In essence, the head of your penis looks small compared with your now thicker shaft.

The good news is that there are also surgical options, such as the Prometheus procedure. This procedure also involved injecting a filler beneath the skin. The difference is that it aims at boosting your body’s collagen production in that area.

You get a larger head, and it balances out the appearance of your penis.

Penis Surgery Near Me

You can find at-home methods that may offer results regarding penis enlargement. But, as a general rule, you’ll find yourself searching for “penis surgery near me” if you’re getting serious about things.

Remember that most surgeries focus on improving your girth rather than your length. Surgical procedures also come with native risks. You go under general anesthesia for some more common penis enhancement surgeries.

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