Power BI is a business intelligence (BI) solution for Microsoft Office 365. It enables users to quickly and easily analyze and visualize data from multiple sources. 

There are two ways to use Power BI: 

You can use it as a self-service analytics tool by creating your own dashboards and reports and publishing them on the web. It is easy to learn, and you can use it without a high level of technical knowledge. The learning curve for Power BI is very low, even for non-technical users. 

You can use it in a professional capacity, which is also known as “consulting” or “Power BI consulting”. With Power BI consulting, you work with Power BI on a project basis to provide your clients with the information they need to make informed decisions. 

What does a Power BI consultant do? 

Your primary responsibility will be to provide your client with information and guidance that will help them make informed decisions. You will work on a project basis to provide your clients with the information they need. Your client will provide you with their requirements and you will have to create the right information architecture and data models to get them the information they need.

The main benefits of Power BI consulting are: 

The key benefit of Power BI is that it offers an easy-to-use solution for your client. It is very simple to use and you can easily share your dashboard with your client.

No installation required 

Another great thing about Power BI is that there is no installation required. All you need is an internet connection to get started. 

Cost Effective

The cost of Power BI is low compared to other business intelligence solutions such as Microsoft Excel or SQL Server Analysis Services. This is due to the fact that Power BI does not require any additional licenses. 


Creating a Power BI report takes only a few minutes, even if you are not familiar with the product. Therefore, you can create many different types of reports in a short time. 

Access to Expertise

Power BI consultants have expertise in all aspects of the product. They will be able to answer any questions you have about Power BI.

create and modify reports

You can help your client navigate their data by creating reports and dashboards, but more importantly, you can also teach them how to create and modify reports. 

Power BI also has many limitations:

Limited Number of Reports and Dashboards

You can only create a limited number of reports and dashboards.

Limited Number of Users

You can only share your Power BI reports and dashboards with a limited number of users.

Limited Data Storage

You can store up to 2 GB of data in your Power BI reports. The main reason for this is that the power of Power BI is derived from the amount of data stored in the underlying database. Therefore, if you have a lot of data, you will need a large database.

How much does it cost? 

As mentioned before that Power BI consulting is a cost-effective solution that provides your clients with the information they need to make informed decisions. You will work on a project basis to provide your clients with the information they need. Power BI offers a low-cost option for those who only need basic analytics and reporting functionality

If you are an expert in Power BI, this is where you can really shine. Power BI offers a number of tools to make reporting easier for your clients. Power BI also offers a number of tools that can help your client’s workflow when using the software. 

For example, the ability to use drag-and-drop to quickly build reports. 


Microsoft Power BI is a great tool for creating reports and dashboards. It makes it easy to create interactive reports that can be shared easily. It also has many limitations that may not be suitable for all businesses. However, if you are looking for a report builder that can help you to create custom reports and dashboards easily, Power BI is a good choice.

Al Rafay Consulting (ARC) is a great choice when it comes to professional Power BI consulting. We are working with Power BI for a good number of years and have all the knowledge and experience to take the maximum out of this platform.

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