Doctors are referred to as “lifesavers” as they play with their health and save our life. They work for us to help on days and nights to save our lives. Pakistan is working on this main feature to help people in emergencies and on public holidays as well. Doctors play a vital role in saving the life. The health of the people is so necessary for health because they are playing an essential part in the development of the country. If the people are not in good health then they won’t be able to work for their country.

Our physical and mental health is so necessary. We need to take good care of our health and our people’s health. It is the duty of everyone to take care of themselves. Every Hospital in Pakistan needs to work more and more for the purpose of improvement. No doubt doctors put their life n stake to save the life of others and as it is their job as well and they perform heartily. The government needs to establish hospitals everywhere in Pakistan they should provide free checkups and medicines to the poor people who don’t have enough money for their treatment.  As many Hospitals in Multan are working very effectively to help the people and to help their mental health as well. Because the mental health of anyone is something really important if we do not care about our mental health then it can lead to the destruction of life.

 Mental illness leads to Death

It has become so common nowadays everyone is facing the problem of mental illness. Everyone is depressive and fighting a battle inside. It is destroying the health of many people mainly the health of youth it is making them insane in fact they are unable to work properly. Mental peace is the ability of someone that should be safe and healthy for the different activities of life. We should take the best care of our mental health as we should keep ourselves away from the negativities of the world as it helps a lot to improve our mental health.

 Mandatory steps which can help in the improvement of mental health

Mental health is so compulsory for our health as it is the main thing in the whole body. Our brain is the smallest part of our body but it is the most important of all organs of the body. We need to take the best care of our minds and body to work effectively.

As it is better to say:

                        “Healthy mind is a healthy body”

How we can take the best care of our health we can surround ourselves with a community of people who are good for our health of mind and body which lift our minds and thoughts. Try to surround yourself with people that are better for your mental health. Don’t surround yourself with people who spread negativity. Such personalities are toxic to mental health.

Doctors are trying their best to help people for saving their life. They do an effort till the last moment to save someone’s life but as it is the decision of the Almighty but doctors don’t fail to try their best till the final moment. Many Hospitals in Multan are working so efficiently to enhance their practice and skills so they can help people for their better health. In return, people can work for their nation.

Role of Government in Hospitals

The government of any country has a basic role in the establishment of hospitals and health care. It is a basic need of everyone. Because many patients die because of the long travel from their homes and the lack of facilities in the hospitals. The government of Pakistan needs to take immediate steps in rural areas especially because they are facing more of this issue. Lack of facilities’ lack of doctors availability and shortage of medicines is the main problem in every hospital which leads to the severe problems. But public also appreciate Mukhtar A Sheikh Hospital one of the best south punjab hospital multan


Hospitals play a significant role in promoting health and care. The main purpose of doctors and hospitals is to provide basic health and nutritional effects to the patient for better health. Our primary healthcare is to take proper diet and exercise to live a healthy and better life. A monthly checkup and proper medication are necessary for a patient which should not be neglected. 

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