Why Simple Phone Is Not In Demand In This Time?

In this modern age, mobile is playing an important role in our life. As food is necessary for us, mobile phones have become an important part of everyone’s life. Due to this, we can communicate with our family, friends, colleagues, and anyone in any corner of the world. However, if we keep an eye on this then we see that people used simple mobiles in past, not in present. 

With the passage of time, mobile development companies are developing smartphones with different amazing features. Companies are competing with each other by introducing new generations to everyone with unlimited features of mobile. Don’t stop reading this post because in this post I’m going to teach you more important information about how the demand for simple mobiles to smartphones increased among people. 

Demand for smartphones:

As i mentioned above about the importance of mobile in 1st paragraph that how mobile takes importance in our life. However, if we talk about normal routines, everyone is using mobile to contact his/her family member for instance, where are we? Where are we going? When we come to parties and many more. Same like that if we talk about business then smartphones (with the best touch screen) are used to share business ideas, important documents, online meetings, or for video calls. 

Simple Mobiles

After this research, we saw why people demand smartphones rather than simple mobile. A simple phone, has only receiving, dialing, and sending SMS functions or something else but not as much as a smartphone. 

According to my research, I think simple mobiles have been lost in our life. Everyone has a smartphone with amazing features. Even our children don’t want to take simple mobiles. They also wish for or demand smartphones. Reasons?

Why did children demand smartphones rather than simple mobiles?

If we talk about children’s mobile demand then only one point comes to our mind about “Games”. At this age, children don’t like to play with toys in their free time. They just want to play games on their Mom’s or Dad’s mobile. No, it would be wrong to say this, especially today because kids want their separate mobile. Well, if there are benefits to mobile phones then there are also a lot of disadvantages. 

Simple Mobiles

Benefits and drawbacks of mobile phones:

Mobile is best for business uses job purposes or communication. However, the following are some pros and cons of smartphones as compared to simple mobiles.


  • Easy to communicate
  • Best to share large data files
  • It helps to share business ideas


  • Mobile has lost family time to chat
  • Not good for our children
  • Social disruption
  • It may cause the accident (due to a call)


People don’t want to use simple mobiles because at the present age smartphones are very popular all over the world. According to my research, I found that only smartphones is playing an important role in every field of life.

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