There are many benefits of recognizing good performance, especially when you can incentivize the behavior that you want to see in your employees.

We all know that feeling of accomplishment when our star employee gets a promotion. This can improve morale and boost engagement alike by recognizing performance and good behavior.

For that, there are many types of awards to recognize an employee. In return, you can increase your profits and your productivity with employee awards.

So, keep reading to learn more about the different awards to keep your employees motivated!

Different Types of Awards to Inspire Employees

There are many forms of awards that can be given to recognize and inspire employees.

A popular choice is to give monetary bonuses based on performance. This conveys a tangible reward for the employee’s hard work. Another option is to highlight employees with awards or certificates for reaching or surpassing project or team targets.

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Here’s a list of different types of awards to reward the best employees that you have: 

Employee of the Month Award

The employee of the Month award is a great way of recognizing and appreciating the hard work and dedication exhibited by an employee over a period of time.

Employee of the Year Award

These awards are usually given on an annual basis, with awards for the most inspirational and hardworking employee of the year handed out. 

This can be the single employee who has consistently performed the best, or it can be shared among a group of exceptional performers.

Top Performer Award

Depending on the industry or even individual workplaces, these honors can take many forms. Most broadly, they may be “attaboys” from supervisors and colleagues. This can also be along with recognition from professional organizations or from the business itself. 

Team of the Year Award

The team of the year award is an accolade that is designed to recognize the exceptional performances of a team throughout the season from both a collective and individual perspective.

Most Improved Employee Award

This award is one of the most prestigious awards any employee can receive. This is given to the employee who has seen the most significant and sustained improvement in the workplace.

Those awarded this prize have demonstrated a commitment to their excellence and accomplishments. It is a notable dedication to the goals and objectives of the company.

Leadership Award

Leadership awards are recognition awards that are given to people in recognition of exceptional leadership abilities.

These awards are usually given to people who have demonstrated exemplary leadership skills and have used their influence and abilities to help others.

Customer Service Award

This is an important award that recognizes the achievements and efforts of individuals who provide outstanding customer service. This type of award has been awarded for decades and is still highly desirable.

Acknowledge Hard Work Starting Today

Recognizing an employee’s performance with an award is a great way to motivate and encourage excellence. There are a variety of types of awards that can be given to recognize an employee.

Take the time to select the right award that best suits the abilities and accomplishments of your team. Remember, successful employee recognition is essential to retaining your best employees. 

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