What is CED Greentech Group? 

One of the biggest wholesale distributors of electrical products in the nation. Reduced Electrical Distributors Inc., owns CED Greentech. They are dedicated to providing top-notch service and support. CED Greentech is a full-service wholesale distributor of solar, electrical, and renewable energy goods.

Who owns CED Greentech Group

In 2018, BlackFin Capital acquired CED Group from 46 negotiators and insurers. Growth was organic and acquired, with companies like Veduma, Eurexo, CAP, Gexa, Bodex, and Lamoral contributing. The company improves its customer experience, creation, and future-proof. Digitalization is also an important component of CED’s strategy.

When CED Greentech was founded? 

Consolidated Electrical Distributors, the company’s original name. It was founded in 1957 and has earned a reputation for offering its clients a complete solar solution.

CED can swiftly address any client concern, from ordering to installation to maintenance, thanks to local Greentechs all around the nation.

End to End solutions 

Nick LaPerche, operations manager at CED Greentech, says, “We have our own trucks and physical offices across the nation. “

CED Greentech needs more than just quality goods and services to be a true end-to-end solution.

They must also continue to offer their clients security. For this reason, they used SolaTrim®.

LaPerche argues that the sector “had a significant problem.” Solar Trim found a solution. It was groundbreaking.

He explains, “CED Greentech is a one-stop shop for clients to find out the solution to their problems. And most of our clients have problems with squirrels. They seriously harm the wires by gnawing on them. And if squirrels aren’t the issue, it’s usually trash-like leaves.

The SolaTrim® Alternative

CED Greentech discovered the perfect remedy for customer complaints about panel maintenance with Solar Trim. The SolaTrim Solar System Protection Solution now assures consumers of protection.

Pigeons, squirrels, and other environmental dangers would no longer be able to enter PV source wiring or the underside of solar modules thanks to the SolaTrim Solution. These bugs (which adore building their nests beneath roof-mounted solar arrays) can seriously damage the cables that connect inverters and panels, posing a fire risk.

The SolaTrim Solution uses a lovely, exclusive aluminum trim in addition to being efficient.

Protection Solution 

Last but not least, the Protection Solution is robust. This item is composed of lightweight aluminum and sealed to solar panels with commercial-grade adhesive tape. It has undergone testing at high temperatures and is built to last the system’s lifetime.

They take great pleasure in their high-quality products and outstanding customer support at CED Greentech. They truly are a one-stop shop now that the SolaTrim Solution has been included.

What are CED projects? 

Through the development of sustainable business ventures and job opportunities, Community Economic Development (CED), a federal grant program, helps Community Development Corporations meet the economic needs of low-income individuals and families.


CED Greentech is One of the biggest distributors of electrical products and solutions in the nation, CED focuses on solar, commercial, industrial, and residential projects.

CED, which is a component of localizing economics. It is a community-centered approach. That combines social and economic development to promote the economic, social, ecological, and cultural well-being of communities.


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